MyWorldTaxi Website

The website consists of information about every taxi service in all major cities around the world and gathers general information about taxi services in a specific city. We are working daily on inspecting the quality and reliability of information we provide for our customers in order to be a reliable place where people can find good and useful information.

Not all places in the world offer safe and regulated taxi services and our goal is to help people to prepare themselves for the unknown destination. We provide information about prices, conveniences and traits of taxis in cities around the world, together with people´s reviews and experiences that will help others prepare for their trips to the unknown. There is also a possibility to calculate the price of your future trip using our fare calculator.

MyWorldTaxi Mobile Application

MyWorldTaxi application is our new project that supports all the features that can be found on this website with an additional feature of instant taxi calling in cities around the world.

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